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Learn why carbs are ok
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Learn why carbs are ok

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Results May Vary From Person To Person *

Success stories

"I used to feel like an outsider. Now, I'm finally able to go out for sports, and I'm president of my high school intramural club!"

"My After-After is my ability to actually enjoy life. I'm no longer in the shadows; I'm living my life!" *

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  • 7 big secrets to losing weight
  • 7 big secrets to losing weight content
  • why most diets don't work
  • lose the right weight
  • healthy carbs to choose
  • benefits of hydration
  • tips to fit exercise into your life

About Me

Thanks for visiting my site!

I'm glad to share my excitement with you.  I'm loving my journey and would love to share yours with you. 

I hang out on a phone conference line every Sunday at 5PM Eastern at 712-432-0900 PIN 445623# to answer questions for a half hour, share tips and recipes, and celebrate our successes.  Come by, okay? You can just listen or participate...I never put anyone on the spot.  Sometimes we hop online together to see videos or other good stuff.

I've lost 30 pounds since the top pic was taken and I'm working on the next 40.  Soon I'll be at my high school weight again.  [Yes, a "few" years ago.]  How fun will that be!

I put on a ton of weight after a freak car accident a few years ago.  Do you know I couldn't even walk without tipping over?  And because my digestion wasn't working and I had to spend so much time sleeping--you guessed it--the pounds piled on.

Thankfully, as soon as I was able to digest soy again and begin the 180 Turnaround program, weight started coming off at about a pound a week!  It was slow and steady even without being able to exercise.  I was amazed.  But this program works that way.  Friends of mine who live in wheelchairs even do well on it.

As I continued the 180, and as I was shedding weight, the protein + leucine in the products gradually improved my muscle tone as well.  I was no longer too weak and wobbly to exercise. 

Now I'm adding the exercise component.  If you're someone like me who hates to "waste time" on exercise, you know what a challenge this is for me.  But I'm figuring out all the ways I can weave 10,000 steps a day into a super busy life I love.  Yes, I am getting into a routine of doing at least one exercise thing daily.  A brisk walk early in the morning.  Or riding a stationary bike.  Or swimming in the summer.  But I'm doing other things, too.  Every time I see stairs I'm up and down then for an extra few minutes.  I park my car farther away than I need to.  I've made changes in the office, too.  Books like MOVE A LITTLE, LOSE A LOT have convinced me that we burn more calories standing than sitting at our computers.  So I take a break and MOVE at the top of every hour, and stand and even walk around the roomwhen I'm on the phone.  And if all else fails during the day, I walk in place by my bed to get in a few more steps before sleep.

I know that research says exercise is CRUCIAL for brain health, too, especially as we age.  So I motivate myself with that thought when motivation to exercise daily to shed weight gets weak.  I've fought overweight all my life and consoled myself that "there is more of me to love."  Ha.      

I've been doing better on the other things that matter for weight loss, too.  How are you doing on these things?  I get in the recommended 8 hours of sleep as often as I can--new research reveals that we don't detox our brains enough and that we crave carbs when we don't get enough sleep.  I build in drinking more water at the top of every hour so that as the fat is being released it's getting washed out.  I no longer skip or delay my protein breakfast drink.  I wake, go to the bathroom, and immediately eat even before meditation, etc.  So I get my metabolism going at peak immediately.  As a result I find I'm not as hungry through the day and evening.  

Guess what--even that hard-to-get-rid-of belly fat is melting.  My favorite thing is people noticing that I look different with weight shed, but they don't necessarily know it's that.  So I get a lot of compliments on my hair and clothes!  It's hilarious!

As you'll see in the 180 Turnaround materials, our program helps us shed the weight AND KEEP IT OFF.  Keeping it off is the key--any old program can help us shed the weight.  But most of those programs are yoyo diets--we shed the weight and then put back even more weightt over and over because the programs don't build lean muscle and it's lean muscle that burns the most fat.

Another benefit of working with me and our team is a yearly program that will help us reset our metabolism and cleanse our bodies of the environmental toxins that store in our fat cells to make the fat harder to shed.  I've hired nutritionist Nedra Sahr to guide us through her FAST START CLEANSE PROGRAM.  Doing that in the fall once a year will keep us on track and move us into every holiday slim and healthy and looking great in those family photos!  After all, we want to shed the weight and keep it off and feel great for the rest of our lives.  Dieting over and over is not a way to live, right?  

Thanks for downloading the ebook.  Don't hesitate to get in touch.  I love questions!  Shirley@AirApparent.com  336-701-1945.